Democratizing  developmental assessments

First AI-tech based assessment with a single smartphone device 

Technology, Creativity and Reliability 

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Built upon

  • First AI-tech based assessment with single smartphone device 

  • Play experience designed by ex-Nintendo game director

  • Joint project with Universiti Malaya and Sunway University with a Japanese clinical developmental psychologist to develop comprehensive assessment domains

How It Works

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the TOY8 Park app

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Answer our



Receive a detailed

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TOY EIGHT is an AI-backed Edutech startup from Japan.


Our mission is to create the world where everyone can unleash their talents.


We develop products to uncover children’s natural-born talent and maximize their learning.


Currently, we are developing an AI-based assessment that will democratise developmental assessment for preschoolers from all backgrounds, that can be conducted with a single smartphone device.

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