D.O.B. 10 Sept 2016

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Toy of the Month

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Why this toy for your child?

Since Maelle is able to sit and focus well when doing table tasks, stencils are ideal for her as she is Body Smart!

We hope this toy will:

  • create a fun & unique drawing experience

  • enhance her creativity in drawing 

  • cultivate a greater interest in drawing

Intelligence Focus


Body Smart

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence


Picture Smart

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

How to Play

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  1. Allow child to choose which stencil to use.

  2. Choose any type and color of writing material, preferably one with a thin tip.

  3. Place the stencil on a flat surface (e.g., paper, cardboard, etc.) and draw according to the stencil outline.

Developing Areas

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  • Fine motor skills

  • Spatial awareness

  • Eye-hand coordination

  • Self esteem

  • Bilateral coordination - ability to use left and right body at the same time

Quick Words for Nurturing

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  1. Try drawing without using stencils! Child may imitate the drawing drawn with the use of stencils.

  2. Color the drawings!

  3. Show & Tell - get child to talk about her art pieces by describing and asking questions!

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Her strengths lie in Musical, Interpersonal and Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligences. This means that she learns things and process information easily through rhythm, interaction with people and physical movement.


Strength 1

Music Smart

Musical Intelligence

Strengths: Rhythm and music
- Enjoy singing and playing musical instruments
- Recognize musical patterns and tones easily
- Remember songs and melodies
- Have a rich understanding of musical structure, 
  rhythm, and notes

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EncouragementDevelopment Areas.jpg

#1 Passionate About Your Child's Education

Maelle's mother is passionate and enthusiastic about education as she is always seeking to expose Maelle to many learning opportunities!

#2 It's Okay to Make Mistakes!

Seeing how Maelle recognizes and corrects her own mistakes, a skill called metacognition that usually develops at the age of 9 and above shows that she has the ability to look at herself objectively.

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#1 Setting the Environment

We suggest that Maelle’s parents provide an environment in which she can develop her own interests. If she likes to be outdoors, we recommend you to find activities she likes besides reading and writing. You may try out Nature Walk to encourage her inner development.

Nature Walk

Learns using the senses through the nature environment

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#2 Is My Child Dyslexic?

There is no need to worry about her writing or language as she has shown good progress in such a short time. To reinforce Maelle’s letter and number recognition, you may try out Tactile Writing.

Tactile Writing

Enhances writing skill using the sense of touch (with fingers)

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#3 Horse Riding

 It is good that Maelle is interested in horse riding because horses are often used in animal therapy. Animals have a healing effect that leads to emotional stability. Although they don't speak the same language, they can sense something about people and it’s helpful for people to express and release their emotions.

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Development Diary


Any questions? Ask Eight Sensei.